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The Washington State History Museum, located right on the waterfront in downtown Tacoma, displays a fascinating collection of artifacts from the history of our state. The Tacoma Home and Garden Show presented by Floor Decor is returning to the Tacoma Dome for the 36th time. It is one of the top 10 most popular home and garden shows in the United States.

Restored in 1983, it is one of the oldest and most popular sports stadiums in the world with a capacity of over 100,000 people.

The airport is conveniently located in the middle of Seattle and Tacoma, and you will take the Tacoma Link light rail. Tacoma is less than an hour from downtown, so if you plan to explore both Tacoma and Seattle, stay at one of the many downtown Tacoma hotels or a hotel near the airport. If you have the city to yourself, you can spend a few pleasant days there and see for yourself and spend as much time as possible in Tacoma. Since hotels in Tacoma are much cheaper than hotels in Seattle, you should book your accommodation here.

Amtrak's Coast Starlight also has a once-daily train that stops at the Tacoma Link light rail stop in downtown Tacoma and the Tacoma International Airport. When a Seahawks, Mariners or Sounders game is played in Seattle from the start, an additional train is put into service to return to Tacoma after that game.

Amtrak's Cascade Train runs four times a day from Seattle to Vancouver, operates between Everett, Mt. Vernon and Bellingham (2x) and runs twice a day from Eugene to Portland. The Link light rail runs directly to Seattle, but there is no bus service from Tacoma to the airport. Amtrak's Thruway Bus provides direct service between Tacoma and Tacoma International Airport with stops in downtown Tacoma, Everett and Everett.

Trains stop at Everett and Everett while heading north to Seattle, Everett, Vernon and Bellingham (2x), Everett (1x) and Tacoma (3x) . Trains also stop at Everett to go south and Seattle to Vancouver (4x and 5x respectively) and Everett when the train goes north from Seattle.

Tacoma is accessible by car from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA - TAC). Or you can reach Tacoma by flying in from SEA / TATAC International Airport, which is located just 18 miles north of the city. To get downtown, you need to drive to Bremerton (south of WA-3 Gorst) and then drive south on I-5 to follow the bottlenecks and continue to the east side of Puget Sound and then south to Tacoma. Tacoma is also accessible via the Tacoma - Everett, Everett - Bellingham and Everett to Everett (2x), Everett and Vernon (3x and 4x respectively).

Don't forget to take a taxi or Pierce Transit bus to get to your destination, or catch the train to the Seattle stop, one block west of the Tacoma - Everett station.

Note: For a convenient day trip from Tacoma to Seattle, the express bus takes about 50 minutes, but the city is easily circumnavigated by public transportation. Travelers in Tacoma can visit the city and surrounding areas at their own pace and explore other areas within an hour or two drive. If you have more time or want to visit the car for free, here are some ideas. Amtrak stops near Tacoma, so get off at one of the Amtrak stations and explore the city at your own pace.

Although Tacoma may not have the metropolitan character of nearby Seattle, it has plenty to offer to make it worth a visit. Although the city has some of the best places to stay and see, you can still spend a few pleasant days in Tacoma. I won't start typing up all the details about Tacoma until it's ready for you to access the other amazing things in this part of Washington.

If you plan to visit Chihuly Gardens in Seattle, you must put the Tacoma Glass Museum on your itinerary. The museum in Tacoma is unique in the city and is located on the Seattle waterfront. You can't get a better view of Puget Sound than the one on the Tacoma waterfront, and it's just a short walk from the museum.

Tacoma is just a short walk from the Emerald Queen location at the north end of Tacoma and is accessible by 5 by following I-705 to Schuster Pkwy, which runs from N. 51st and Pearl to the waterfront at Ruston Way. The airport is located in Lakewood, with direct access to Tacoma International Airport (S) on the southeast corner of the airport parking lot.

Currently, Washington State does not require COVID-19 testing for incoming or outgoing travel, but Washington State requires it for all trips. The 594 runs from Seattle to Seattle between 5 a.m. and 8: 30 a.m. Every morning, and the 595 goes from I-5 to Olympia. Exits 119 and 125 converge to get to Tacoma from the parking lot of the Tacoma (S) International Airport on the west side of the airport.

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