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The Pacific Northwest is full of incredible things to do, and one of the destinations is Tacoma, Washington. The city of Tacoma may not be the first place you visit on your travel list, but it is still a fantastic place to spend a long weekend or a whole vacation.

Although it doesn't have the metropolitan flair of nearby Seattle, it has enough to make a visit worthwhile. Tacoma offers things that appeal to a wide variety of travelers, and this has made it a popular tourist destination for millions of years. The city of Tacoma - Puyallup is just one of many places that offer an opportunity to participate in outdoor activities in Pierce County.

The season begins in Wright Park in Tacoma in May and includes a variety of activities including hiking, biking, camping and other outdoor activities. Every Wednesday at 5 p.m., the monthly meetings are open to the public at the Tacoma - Puyallup Chamber of Commerce office.

The Washington State History Museum is open from 2 to 8 p.m., the Tacoma Art Museum and the Glass Museum from 5 to 8 p.m. In addition to these three museums, the Tacoma Museum District Pass also includes all other museums in Tacoma and Pierce County, as well as the University of Washington. This is definitely a great way for visitors to get access to the best attractions in and around Tacoma / Pierce County, including the Puget Sound Aquarium, the Tacoma Public Library and Maymay Park, at a huge discount.

To experience all the free activities in Tacoma, head to the LeMay America Car Museum on the Tacoma Museum District Pass. You can also take the light rail to Puget Sound Aquarium, Washington State History Museum and other attractions in and around Tacoma for free.

The Link light rail runs directly to Seattle, but there is a bus that runs from Tacoma to the airport. Note that the express bus takes about 50 minutes to run a day trip between Tacoma and Seattle.

The airport is conveniently located in the middle of Seattle - Tacoma, and Tacoma is less than an hour from downtown. If you plan to explore Tacoma and Seattle, you should book an accommodation here. Tacoma hotels are much cheaper than Seattle hotels, so you should stay at one of the cheaper hotels in Tacoma, such as the Tacoma Marriott or the Tacoma Hotel & Suites.

If you are planning a trip to the Pacific Northwest, Tacoma would be an ideal place for your trip. If you are visiting Seattle and the surrounding area or stumbling on the road in the Atlantic, I would recommend you stop in Tacoma.

If you plan to visit Chihuly Gardens in Seattle, you must put the Tacoma Glass Museum on your itinerary. This gem in the museum district of downtown Tacoma is easily connected to other major museums such as the Seattle Art Museum and Washington State Museum in Tacoma.

If you're something like my dad and you're visiting Tacoma, you have to visit this museum before you visit it. This hot museum, the Glass Museum of Tacoma, will easily heat up your crew for a day trip.

It's fun to be in Tacoma with the family, and there are definitely some of the most unique things you can do Are a huge hit with children of all ages. If you are travelling in autumn, don't miss the busts that will be on offer in Puyallup from mid-September.

See wildlife at Point Defiance, visit the quieter islands of Vashon and Anderson Island, and maybe even see a giant octopus! A must-see - see the sights in Tacoma and one of our favorite attractions - is the Seattle Aquarium for an eye candy that includes the largest aquarium in the United States with over 1,000 fish, birds, reptiles and amphibians. The main attractions include the most popular aquarium in the Pacific Northwest, the Puget Sound Aquatic Center, but there are many other great ways to visit it.

If you're planning to do some fun things in Tacoma, you should get the Mountain City Sea Attraction Pass. We've also put together some of the best accommodations in town to enjoy the best things to do in and around Tacoma. Play tourists by visiting the sights and discovering the hidden treasures that make Tacoma a truly unique place to live.

You can learn a lot more about Tacoma on this tour than in the travel stories you read in your research about the fun things you can do in Tacoma. From our research we know that the well developed brewery and farmers market scene of Tacoma is an ideal location for everyone. We know that after a month in Seattle, you want to explore some of the other great places in the Puget Sound region, such as Tacoma International Airport and the ocean - TAC. There is no question that Tacoma shares an international airport (SEA - tAC) with Seattle.

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